Choosing The Right Landscaping Plants

Accent Your Front Lawn With These Deer Proof Flowers And Ornamental Herbs

If you are looking to create a small accent garden in your front lawn, it would be wise to plant deer-proof flowers or herbs. Below is a selection of two flowers and an ornamental herb that is not attractive to roaming deer. Some other shrubs and flowers are unattractive to deer but are too large or unwieldy for a small, narrow garden. This article will focus on those plants and herbs that will do well in a small space, as well as that fend off hungry deer. Read More 

Trees In Parking Lots: Tree Selection And Other Considerations

Trees are very useful in parking lots. In addition to adding beauty to the landscape, trees benefit customers by providing landmarks for navigation and shade for vehicles. However, sometimes choosing the best trees for life in a parking lot and positioning them properly can be a challenge. The following tips will help you landscape your business parking lot with trees to ensure that your parking lot will be hospitable to your business's guests. Read More 

A Few Tips For Pruning Neglected Shade Trees

If you have shade trees on your property that have been neglected for many years, they may appear shaggy and detract from the curb appeal of your home. Trees close to your house generally need regular pruning to keep the lower limbs out of the way and to train the tree to grow in a stable manner. While it's always best to leave limb removal to professionals, you can trim away smaller branches yourself if you're able to reach them safely. Read More 

Should You Replace Your St. Augustine Lawn With Bahiagrass?

With climate change causing drought conditions and lawn watering restrictions in many areas of the U.S., some homeowners are looking to replace their thirsty St. Augustine lawns with something more environmentally friendly. If you prefer a lawn to rocks and groundcover, bahiagrass may be a solution. Advantages of Bahiagrass vs. St. Augustine Grass Bahiagrass is a deep-rooted extremely drought resistant grass that is often used on highway right-of-ways and pastures. Although sodding is the most popular method of installation, unlike St. Read More 

Should Homeowners Fell Their Own Trees?

Street, shade and ornamental trees are clear assets, which not only raise the value of your home, but also lower your energy expenditures by blocking the harsh summer sun and cold winter winds. However, trees can also represent significant liabilities, particularly when they require pest treatments or removal.   When faced with a dying or diseased tree that requires removal, many thrifty homeowners elect to fell the tree themselves. While this allows the homeowner to avoid the costs of professional tree removal, any realized savings can disappear if the tree falls on your home or property – a surprisingly common result of amateur tree removal. Read More