3 Landscaping Design Ideas Inspired By 90’s Movies

A new landscaping design can dramatically change the look of your home and add a number of fun features. Instead of coming up with visions on your own, you can draw inspiration from a number of resources. If you're a fan of 1990's nostalgia, then you can plan different landscaping designs based upon three hit movies from the decade. Each of the following films featured unique landscape features that can be implemented on the front of your home. Read More 

Protect Your Trees During Construction

If you are adding new construction to your home or simply remodeling, your trees can be in danger. The equipment used in construction can certainly damage your grass, but the big problem is tree damage since grass can easily be replanted. Severe tree damage can cause you to lose the tree. Before construction starts, you need to know how to protect your trees. Root Zone Whereas your trees can recover from certain types of damage, including some bark damage and loss of limbs, they can be in serious trouble if their roots are damaged. Read More 

Two Lawn Care Tasks For Greener Grass

You try to take good care of your lawn. You have it mowed at regular intervals and you make sure that it is fertilized in the fall and throughout summer. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to keep your lawn green and healthy. There are two spring or early summer tasks that may be necessary to keep your lawn looking great. Read on to get the details. Dethatching Thatch buildup is the layer of organic matter that builds up on top of the soil around the base of the grass blades. Read More 

Bulletproof Florida Passalong Plants For An Authentic Historic Garden

Passalong plants are a southern tradition, with certain species being passed down through centuries of Florida families. These plants are also often called "bulletproof," because they thrive in the hot, humid summers and survive the colder North Florida winters without a care. If you are restoring a historic home and garden and want plants that fit its period, ask your landscape contractor to add these to your plan. Crinum Lilies Read More 

Landscaping Your Yard For Kids

A pretty house with a big yard for the kids -- that's the dream, isn't it? But too often homeowners manicure their yards so perfectly that little bare feet aren't welcome in them. Instead of creating an outdoor museum, try landscaping your yard for the kids. Tricycle Trail Homeowners who live on a busy road might feel uncomfortable letting their kids ride their bikes in the street or driveway. Instead of making the kids wait for a tired parent to load the car with bikes and take a trip to the park, create a tricycle trail in the backyard. Read More