Have Problems With Erosion? Tips For Building A Concrete Block Retaining Wall

If your home's yard has a steep incline, chances are that you are dealing with erosion. Every time it rains, it takes a bit of the soil downhill with it, causing your yard to gradually erode away. Thankfully, it's easy to build a concrete block retaining wall to fix the problem. Here are some tips for doing it on your own.

Retaining Wall Placement

You'll need a level, solid surface to build your retaining wall. When selecting the part of the lawn to build the wall, it doesn't really matter where you place it. You'll be excavating the lower half of the slope, so you can use that dirt to build up the upper half to reduce the incline of your lawn.

Think about what you want to place in front of your retaining wall, and how much space you'll need for it. For example, if you want to build a flowerbed in front of the retaining wall, make sure you have plenty of room to do so.

In addition, you'll have to put a gravel or stony material along the bottom of the wall to stop the concrete blocks from sinking over time.

Footing Trench

On the incline side of your retaining wall, it helps to dig a small footing trench to assist with water drainage prior to it reaching your retaining wall. The bigger the trench is, the more protection it provides the wall. You'll need to fill the trench with gravel so that it's flush with the ground. Later on, you can grade the soil by applying a layer of dirt on top of it

Concrete Block Laying

The base layer is going to really dictate how the rest of the wall forms. If you make a mistake early on with that base layer, you may not realize it until you are deeper into laying down those concrete blocks. Be certain that your initial row of blocks is as level as possible. You can use a large carpenter's level to check how level they are as you work. Keep doing this as you build up the wall of blocks. You may have to use mortar to fill in joints if there are visible gaps between the blocks.

If you do not feel confident when it comes to building a retaining wall, it may be best to hire a professional to do it for you. Reach out to an erosion control service for more information.