Looking To Add Flowers That Are Easy To Maintain To Your Landscape? Make A Wildflower Garden

Many properties are landscaped with a well-manicured lawn, which is one way to have an attractive yard. But, green lawns are not that unique, so you may want to have a different landscape. Another reason to look into other options is because lawns require quite a bit of maintenance on a regular basis. Watering and mowing are two things that you must keep up with regularly to avoid pest and drought problems.

Investing in a wildflower garden is the perfect way to incorporate flowers into your landscape.

Create a Colorful Yard

If you want your property to look colorful, you could not make a better choice than a wildflower garden. A perfect way to start this is with the aster plant, which grows into beautiful flowers in colors such as purple, white, and red. These plants are not demanding, so they work well as ground cover. It is an ideal plant to complement your other flowers or to make as the main aspect of your wildflower garden.

Attract Good Insects

While some insects can certainly cause problems to a landscape, you can find plenty that will help. Some insects that you want to bring to your yard include the aphid midge, ground beetles, and lady beetles. You can attract lady beetles with a variety of plants, but going with the sweet alyssum is an excellent choice. Lady beetles are useful because they do an incredible job of eliminating pests that can harm your garden. These flowers will give you easy growth in mild climates, but they can also work in other climates. The most important detail is to plant them in full sun to enjoy successful growth.

Invite Birds

Another way that you can protect and preserve your garden is by inviting birds. Wildflowers are already low-maintenance on their own, so being able to eliminate potential pest issues makes them even easier to maintain. Adding bird baths and bird houses will help to attract birds, but you should also grow purple coneflowers as they are known for attracting birds including the goldfinch to your landscape. Other birds such as nuthatches and cardinals will feast on the seeds when the colder seasons arrive.

While you can grow almost any combinations of plants in your backyard and make it look attractive, you can have outstanding success with a wildflower garden with how easy it is to care for. Making the right flower choices will have you working even less with beneficial insects and birds doing the work for you.