Beautify the Retaining Wall on Your Property

Retaining walls can help you in many ways. They can help level out a piece of land that is too sloped to use, control the water run-off, and decrease soil loss during heavy rains. If you have a retaining wall helping you control some element of your property, there are a few things that you can do to beautify it.

Beautify Cinder Block Retaining Walls

Cinder block retaining walls are among the most affordable options during the installation. Unfortunately, they aren't exactly ornate or even a little bit attractive in your yard. Instead of dealing with the eye-sore, you can have it finished with textured concrete.

The cinder blocks will be cleaned, coated with primer and then skimmed with special concrete which is lighter than traditional concrete. The concrete can then be stamped or carved to create designs in the finish. In the end, the concrete can be stained one of a variety of colors to create a remarkable look that you will enjoy looking at.

Paving Stone Flower Boxes

You can create flower boxes out of paving stones along the bottom of the retaining wall. This is such an easy project that just about any DIYer can do it. Simply pick the color, shape and size of the paving stones that you want. Then, come up with a design for the flower boxes – they can be squared or rounded – it all depends on how much space you have to work with and what look you hope to achieve.

Stack the paving stones and then line the bottom of them with a scoop of gravel to help improve drainage. Fill the box with good soil and begin planting your favorite flowers or plants. This will give the wall a little flare and take the eye away from the blank retaining wall and draw them to the flowers at the base.

Hanging Baskets

Some retaining walls are quite high. These are the perfect surfaces to mount hanging baskets filled with overflowing plants and flowers. Simply find the plant hangers that you like – ornate hangers will really pop. Position the hanger on the wall and mark where the holes need to be drilled. Use a concrete bit in your drill to drill the holes. Position the hanger, install the screws and hang the basket.

Your retaining walls can become something beautiful. Talk to a professional like Quality Lawn & Landscape to learn more about making the helpful retaining wall into something that accents your property instead of taking away from it.