Trim And Decorate An Evergreen Tree On Your Property For A Christmas In July Party

If you are hosting a Christmas in July party this summer and plan to decorate one of the evergreen trees growing in your background to use for the event, trim uneven branches and decorate the tree with summer-themed garland and ornaments to give the tree a unique appearance that will be appreciated by your guests.

Trim The Tree

Stand near the tree and assess its appearance to determine which branches you would like to trim. Set up a ladder next to the tree and begin clipping branches near the top of it with a pair of pruning shears and continue working your way downwards until you reach the bottom of the tree. Cut each branch at an angle to minimize damage. If any of the branches are extra thick, make an incision in the top half of each one with the tool and then move the tool to the underside of each one and make a cut, until both cuts meet in the middle and the branches fall off. 

Do not tug on any of the branches if they are difficult to trim. Instead, take your time and make several cuts in the part of a particular branch until it falls to the ground. Do not remove too many branches from the tree or cut closely to the tree's trunk because this could cause the tree to become weak and minimize the amount of time that it takes for branches to grow back in the future. Stand several feet away from the tree after you are done trimming it to determine if adjacent branches are symmetrical.

Create Summer-Themed Garland

Pick fresh flowers that are growing on your property or purchase some summer flowers that are popular in the location that you live in from your local florist. Use a sharp knife or scissors to remove the stem from each one. Thread a piece of twine through a tapestry needle and knot the end of the twine. Insert the tip of the needle through the center of each flower.

Pull the flowers carefully across the piece of twine until they reach the end of it and are lined up closely, side by side. Alternate types of flowers and colors to create a pattern. When finished, cut the needle from the end and knot the twine. Wrap the garland around branches on the tree in the same way that you would with standard garland that is used at Christmastime.

Make Beach Ball Ornaments 

Plain glass ball ornaments can be painted with craft paint to create decorations that look like beach balls. Use bright colors of paint to create triangle or oval-shaped sections around each ornament. Wait for the paint to dry and add a second coat if you would like any of the colors to be darker. Set a real beach ball within your eyesight to help you copy its pattern on each ornament. Once the paint has dried, hang the ornaments on the tree with hooks.  

Your summer-themed Christmas tree will be sure to wow your guests and will help make the celebration a success.

For more information, or if you don't feel comfortable trimming the tree yourself, contact a tree trimming service in your area, such as Williams Lawn Care & Landscaping, Inc.​.