Keep The Greener Grass In Your Own Yard With Basic Home Remedies For A Dull Lawn

With the summer season well on its way, you may be left peering all green-eyed at the lawn just across the fence and wondering what it must be like to have such a pristine patch of grass. Before you get too caught up in the jealous envy of your neighbor's lawn, take note: Making your own grass just as green may be easier than you think. In fact, all you need to give your grassy lawn a boost could be hiding out right in your kitchen cabinets. Here are three home remedies for a dull lawn that will help you keep the grass in your yard just as rich with emerald beauty--if not more so.

Pop the top and give your grass a cold one.

Hot summer sun got you thirsty for an ice cold one? Well, before you pour your last brewsky down the hatch, consider that your lawn could make real good use of that beer. Mix one can of beer with a few gallons of water and you have a super-sun-friendly tonic that will give your dry grass a boost in spite of the summer sun. It turns out the carbohydrates in beer are actually uber healthy for grass, encouraging that lovely green look you really want surrounding your home.

Mix epsom salt and ammonia for a healthy lawn boost. 

Mix together some epsom salt, ammonia, and water for a healthy boosting spray that will liven up drooping grass. This concoction may sound strange, but it works because of the components that epsom salt and ammonia have to boast. Epsom salt is actually a mixture of magnesium and and sulfate, which helps grass produce vitamins. On the other hand, ammonia supplies a healthy dose of nitrogen, and this is one thing any plant needs to grow healthy.  

Spice things up with a dash of cinnamon. 

Cinnamon naturally deters bad things that could be preventing your lawn from looking its best, such as ants and even squirrels and rabbits. If you suspect your lawn looks dull because of pests, get the cinnamon from the cabinet and sprinkle away or mix cinnamon with a gallon of water to create a spray. Not only will you have the most fragrant lawn on the block, the strong smell will drive just about any pest that is causing problems on to a different location. Additionally, cinnamon works as an anti-fungal agent, so if there is a particular fungus causing problems with your grass, you will see a difference. 

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