Consider Your Trees First When Doing Landscaping Around Your Home

When doing landscaping around your home, you should always first consider where the trees will go because they're the most expensive and largest item that you will be planting. Trees will also require a lot of time until they can mature to their desired side, and it may be several years until the tree provides the sufficient shade that you need or helps break the wind. Always consider these things when deciding on where to plant your trees.

Give Your Trees Plenty of Room To Grow

A common reason that you'll want to plant a tree is for shade. They can cool down your home since less direct sunlight will be hitting the house, or cool off a patio area of your backyard. A tree can also provide privacy to an outdoor space.

No matter what the purpose is when planting a tree, you must give them enough room to properly accommodate the size of the tree once it reaches maturity. Each tree will have its own limitations to how big it can grow, so always do plenty of research before selecting one.

Select Sturdy Trees That Will Last

Any tree that is designed to break the wind or provide shade will a permanent fixture of your home's landscape for years to come. A tree made out of weak wood may look good immediately, but can be susceptible to all types of damage caused by ice, snow, and wind. Always consider how sturdy a tree will be before you plant it.

While a tree that grows fast will provide better aesthetics in the short term, consider planting this type of tree if you do not plan on having the tree be a long-term part of your landscaping.

Consider The Surroundings of Each Tree

While it is important to think about an ideal location that a tree needs to receive the proper amount of moisture and sun, you must also look at the surroundings for each tree. Consider the maximum height of the tree, and if it will interfere with wires that are overhead. You should also consider the tree's root system, and if it will interfere with clay drain tiles buried underneath the yard that head out to the sewer.

Once you've selected the right placement and your trees start growing, you'll need professional help to properly trim the trees over the years. Trimming at the wrong place and at the wrong time can lead to accidentally damaging a tree that will be a part of your home's long-term landscaping plan. Get in touch with a professional tree trimming service like Outdoor Service Inc in your area that can help.