3 Tips For Residential Burl Removal

Trees play an important role in residential landscape design. Not only do they add aesthetic value, but they create shade that can help reduce energy costs as well. Proper maintenance is essential when it comes to keeping trees growing safely in a residential setting. Some trees develop growths near their roots that are known as burls. If left unchecked, a burl can cause a tree to grow crooked. These burls are worth big money, since they are used to create high-end furnishings and veneers.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to help you remove a tree with a burl.

1. Dig out the roots first.

It's important to understand the scope of the burl before you begin removal, since cracking the burl could significantly reduce the value of the wood it contains. Taking the time to dig out the roots of your tree to expose the underground portion of the burl will help you determine just how large your burl is.

Seeing where the weight of the burl is distributed gives you the chance to formulate a removal plan that will keep the burl intact. If you aren't comfortable tackling the removal yourself, you can always contact a tree removal specialist for assistance.

2. Plan where your tree will fall.

Carefully planning where your downed tree will fall during the removal process is imperative when it comes to getting rid of a tree with a burl in a residential setting. To safely get a tree to fall where you want it to, you need to determine where the center of the tree's gravity is located. Then, you need to notch the tree with a face cut (on the side where you want the tree to fall), and create another notch on the back of the tree about an inch above the location of the face cut.

Consulting a tree removal specialist can be beneficial if you don't have experience removing trees, since these professionals can cut down your tree without damaging any surrounding structures.

3. Invest in the right equipment.

Burls can be extremely heavy depending on their size and density. Having access to heavy machinery will make it easier for you to remove the burl safely and in one piece. Renting a backhoe or small tractor will give you the power you need to remove the burl from the ground without placing yourself, or any of your helpers, in harm's way.

If you don't feel comfortable operating heavy equipment yourself, you can always hire a tree removal specialist to take care of removing a burl from your yard. These professionals know how to operate the machinery needed to safely get a burl out of the ground.

Safely removing a tree with a burl from your yard can be a challenge. Be sure that you are taking the steps necessary to ensure the safety of the people and structures in your neighborhood.