Landscaping Tips For Shaded Yards

If your yard space is primarily shaded by larger trees, other homes, or fences, this doesn't mean that you need to give up on your landscaping. There are plenty of landscaping options that can cater to a shaded space. Here are four ideas for landscaping when sunshine might not hit your yard much during the day.

1. Less Grass and More Mulch

If you have patchy grasses on the sides of your walls or around trees because these areas aren't getting the sunlight they need, stop fighting this uphill battle. By replacing grass with mulch, your yard will still look healthy, but won't depend on sun and water to thrive. Patchy grasses can be cleared and mulch can be spread along walls as pathways or around larger plants and trees.

2. Picking the Right Types of Plants

If you have great places to plant in your yard but these are mostly shaded, this doesn't mean that you need to give up on your garden. There are plenty of ferns that can thrive in shaded areas and plants such as bamboo can grow quickly can eventually reach a little sun on their own. If you need help sourcing plants local to your environment, work with a landscaper to find plants that will work well in your shaded garden.

3. Add in Seating and Ponds

Adding in a few choice non-plant accents can make all of the difference in a yard that has a lot of shade. Take advantage of a serene spot in your yard and add in some seating or even a pond. These can bring your yard to life but won't leave you struggling to keep smaller plants alive that won't thrive in a shaded environment. By adding in more accents, your yard will still be stylish but require less upkeep.

4. Movable Potted Plants

If there are certain plants and flowers that you just cannot live without, don't give up hope when it comes to your yard. If you can get your favorite sun-craving plants in movable pots, you can move these around your yard  to where sunlight hits depending on the time of day or year. This might take a little effort on your part, but potted plants on wheels are easy to shift and can help keep some of your favorite plants alive.

A shaded yard can be great for entertaining and can offer a break from the summer heat. If you can get creative with your landscaping plans, you can keep choice plants alive within this environment, and supplement your space with other accents. If you need help getting started, contact a landscaper, like Glynn Young's Landscaping & Nursery Center, to help with local plants and ideas specific to your space.