Reasons Why You May Need A Retaining Wall And Tips For Installing One

If you are trying to landscape your yard and there is a slope, you can install a retaining wall to level things out for you. A retaining wall works very well for this purpose, but you may not be aware of how it can protect your home from becoming damaged. Here is some more information about installing a retaining wall.

Prevent Water Damage

A retaining wall can stop water from flowing into your basement. This can happen even if you have a very slight slope in your yard. The water may not be noticed until you notice damp walls in your basement floor and walls. This dampness can cause the concrete to weaken and crumble over time. Eventually, the walls in the basement may buckle and the flooring will start to warp.

All the water that flows towards your home will cause the soil underneath your foundation to erode. When the soil under your home erodes, swells, shrinks, or shifts, it can cause your foundation to weaken, and over time the foundation will crumble and even collapse. To prevent you from having to pay very high repair bills, level your yard around your home. Build a retaining wall to move the flowing water to another direction to prevent soil erosion from happening again.

Hire Contractors

Before you start building your retaining wall, you should hire a land survey contractor and a building contractor. The land survey contractor can help determine the best placement for your retaining wall. The placement is very important because your retaining wall controls the flow of water.  If the water flows in the wrong direction, such as on your neighbor's property, this will cause problems. It can also cause problems with your landscaping.

A building contractor will make sure your retaining wall is constructed properly or you will not receive any benefit from it. The professional can suggest suitable designs and materials that are best for your situation. The professional will also know the rules and regulations you have to follow, as you can only build your wall a certain height.  

A retaining wall can also be used for aesthetic purposes. You can plant flowers along the bottom of it, or plant crawling vines along with a trellis so the vines will climb up the wall. Climbing roses look beautiful for this purpose. Hire a landscaper like Rock Solid Services LLC if you need help with this.