Protect Your Trees During Construction

If you are adding new construction to your home or simply remodeling, your trees can be in danger. The equipment used in construction can certainly damage your grass, but the big problem is tree damage since grass can easily be replanted. Severe tree damage can cause you to lose the tree. Before construction starts, you need to know how to protect your trees.

Root Zone

Whereas your trees can recover from certain types of damage, including some bark damage and loss of limbs, they can be in serious trouble if their roots are damaged. You need to limit activity that comes too close to your trees if at all possible. The Protected Root Zone is generally defined by the drip line, that area where water naturally drips off of the tree limbs onto the ground, although you should extend several feet beyond that area to be safe. Most of the trees roots are there, and if they are damaged by heavy equipment, your tree's ability to feed itself is compromised. Although some trees can recover from even a 50% loss of roots, others cannot. Your best bet is to tape off the root zone around your trees to keep trucks and heavy equipment away. Some municipalities require fencing be put around mature trees to protect them during construction.


Trees can survive some bark loss, but when machinery leaves bare spots on the trunk, you tree becomes vulnerable to disease. If your tree suffers extreme bark loss, you should contact an arborist for advice. Trees have been known to die from too much bark loss, but an expert may be able to nurse your tree back to health.


If you have low hanging branches, remove them before construction begins. If they are damaged during the building process, your trees become targets for disease. Of course, a damaged tree branch can also fall, hurting people and property. If possible, take your contractor on a tour of your yard so they can advise you on which branches may cause trouble.

Home construction affects many aspects of your home, including your landscaping. Mature trees are too important to let them be injured during your building project. Examine your yard and identify what action you need to take to protect your trees, including fencing or taping off your trees. Cherish and baby your oaks and elms with help from a landscaping company like Show-Me Mowing so that your yard will remain beautiful.