3 Landscaping Design Ideas Inspired By 90’s Movies

A new landscaping design can dramatically change the look of your home and add a number of fun features. Instead of coming up with visions on your own, you can draw inspiration from a number of resources. If you're a fan of 1990's nostalgia, then you can plan different landscaping designs based upon three hit movies from the decade. Each of the following films featured unique landscape features that can be implemented on the front of your home.

Edward Scissorhands

Add some whimsical designs to the front of your home with landscaping designs inspired from the film Edward Scissorhands. Instead of just featuring traditional bushes and shrubs, landscape designers can trim and shape the plants into a variety of designs. The film featured shapes like dinosaurs, dogs, and large hands. If you do not have bushes already, large bushes can be planted in various areas and then trimmed to size. The film also featured a number of metal designs. This can be implemented into your landscaping through metal statues or large pieces of wind art. The homes and gardens in the movie also featured a lot of pastel colors. This can be represented through a variety of planted flowers that bloom with those colors.

Home Alone

The classic 1990 film takes place in Chicago and features numerous shots of the of the landscaping in front of the McCallister home. One of the main highlights on the landscaping of the home is the symmetrical design. Going out from the center, all of the bushes and plants match each other and create a seamless uniform look. Small stone planters are used on the edges of the front walkway and can be used on the outside of your own home. Another key feature that you can add to your own home is the lawn jockey statue. A similar replica of the film's statue can be purchased in a number of designs and finishes like bronze or natural stone.

Jurassic Park

Add an exotic look to your home with plants and landscaping designs similar to those featured in Jurassic Park. The key to creating this look is by adding large plants with huge leaves and a jungle inspiration. For the basics, a landscaping design team can add large ferns to the edges of your landscaping. Additional plants like hostas or gunneras can really create the jungle look and feature similar plant designs that were seen in the film. Add more to the Jurassic Park theme by having dinosaur garden statues added to various parts of the design.

Use clips or images taken directly from the film so landscapers know what type of designs you are looking for. This can really help the vision come to life and look accurate. Contact a business, such as BRAINARDS GREENSCAPES, for more information.