How To Inspect A Used Hydroseeder For Purchase

If you are purchasing a used hydroseeder for your construction business, then you need to know how to properly inspect the machine prior to your purchase. Using the procedure below, you can inspect any potential hydroseeders to ensure that they are high-quality and will meet your business needs.

Types of Hydroseeders

There are two types of hydroseeders to choose from:

  1. trailer-mounted 
  2. truck-mounted

If you are buying a used trailer-mounted hydroseeder, then the lower cost will make your purchasing risk lower. Additionally, you may not be able to inspect repair records in the same way that you would for a truck-mounted unit. However, you should make a visual and mechanical inspection of each type of hydroseeder to ensure that you make a wise purchase.

Mechanical Inspection

When performing a mechanical inspection, you should check each of the following main components:

  • cab
  • chassis
  • engine
  • hydraulics
  • transmission
  • tires or tracks

In addition, you should test drive the hydroseeder and make sure that each function of the machine is currently working.

While the machine is running, listen for squeaks, rattles, and thunking noises that can signal mechanical problems. Also, watch for black smoke or leaking fluids.

Truck Cab Inspection

The cab of the truck can tell you a lot about the history of a used hydroseeder. If the seats are torn and the cab smells badly, then the previous owners may not have taken care of their vehicle. Alternatively, if the cab is clean and in good repair, then this is a sign that the truck was cared for.

Price Factors for Used Hydroseeders

There are many factors that go into the price for a used piece of machinery, such as:

  • age
  • miles used
  • maker/model
  • available attachments
  • maintenance history

You might be surprised to learn that the number of miles a hydroseeder has been used can greatly lower its value as a used machine. And, this is irrespective of the age of the machine itself. For example, a 2010 machine with 1,000 hours used may be worth less than a 2014 machine with 2,000 hours used.

Also very important in determining the price for a used machine are the maker, model, and available attachments. Typically, the more attachments that are available, then the higher the used value will be.

You should also ask to review any records of preventative maintenance or repairs that have been made to the machine. The current owners of the hydroseeder should have all of its records. If not, then this should be a red flag that there may have been serious problems previously with the machine. 


Purchasing a used hydroseeder is a solid business decision. By locating a quality machine, and inspecting it for any damage prior to purchasing it, you can be ensured that you purchase the right machine to meet the future needs of your construction business.

If you have additional questions about purchasing used construction industry equipment, then you should contact a local equipment seller or auction house or a company like